from by Stephen Fuller

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this song is in solidarity/fluidarity with all those who speak to, walk for and defend the universal human right to clean water and healthy ecosystems.

the roots of this song are sung by Dawn Bramadat, who sings the Anishnaabe water song 'nibi wabo'.

the heartbeat of this song features Martin Moreira on congas and Jordan Strum on bass.



l'eau c'est ma droît
it's my being, it's my thoughts
it's the prism of my soul
and the life my clay holds

water is my right
mon être, mes pensées
c'est le prisme de mon âme
et la vie que mon corps tiens

from this overstanding
i share out my truth
(truth can open up curtains
and let the light through)

like you i may come
and will go from this place
slip beneath the surface,
my ripples starting waves

but in each waking moment
i am carried by voices
of a people held by a thirst
for the choice to make choices

about water and food
shelter and fire
are these too simple ambitions
for a culture fueled by desires?

yes, each morning i wake
to a strange way of thinking
that values copies as much
as the essence of living

a culture that builds up
ideas in the mind
that are not stable or worthy
until concretized

but as a water being
i don't look to concrete for growth
my world expands when i listen
when i open my mouth

as a water being i am anchored
in the strength of my roots
dynamic, resilient and ancient -
my heart

my heart which connects me
to all my human body
to all the water of this planet
to the pool of all livity

for strength among people
i seek solidarity
strong roots, grown together
hearts entwined in agreement

for growth between people
i seek fluidarity
the dance of adaptation
the bloodflow of communication

une âme qui voyagait, comme chaqu'un de vous
j'ai trouvé un temple et j'ai apparu

c'est l'eau qui nous tiens ensemble
l'eau c'est nous et nous célébrons

c'est pour l'eau sacré que je m'en viens
c'est le sentiment de mon destin

c'est l'eau qui nous tiens ensemble
l'eau c'est nous et nous célébrons

solidarity - solidarite
fluidarity - fluidarite


i wait for the rain
i wait for the rain to come down


from colibri!, released December 25, 2016
Martin Moreira - congas
Dawn Bramadat - prayer song
Jordan Strum - bass
Stephen Fuller - kora, vocals, organ & hummingbird samples (recorded at Yerette, the Home of the Hummingbird, Trinidad)



all rights reserved


Stephen Fuller Montreal, Québec

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